jQuery Mobile is under active development. This is the first alpha release of the framework and there will surely be bugs in your platform of choice.

GitHub repo

Follow the project on GitHub:

How can I help?

We’re looking to do a few more preview releases during the next couple months leading up to the 1.0 release of the platform. Thanks for your help!

Submitting an issue? Some tips

To help us resolve issues in the Git issue tracker as quickly as possible, here are a few critical things that every ticket should have:

  • First test to see if this is still an issue in the latest Git build because we’re constantly fixing bugs after a release. Include our latest JS and CSS files in your project to see if we’ve already fixed it. If it can be reproduced in the demos and docs, simply view the latest on the /test/ directory:
  • Always specific the platform and version if it’s in the native browser: Ex. iPhone 3GS, iOS 3.2
  • If you see an issue with a 3rd party browser, specify that in addition to the device info. Ex: Firefox mobile 4.0b3 running on HTC Aria running Android 2.2
  • List out the detailed steps and conditions needed to reproduce the bug
  • Don’t paste huge chunks of code into the issue ticket. Instead, post a demo page on an online code sharing site like JS Bin or jsFiddleor in a Git repo so we can demo the page and view the code easily. For a head start, use this JS Bin as a template that includes a live link to the latest build: