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The jQuery Mobile project now has a few new ways to get and test the code and related resources.

The test files are the latest direct pull from GitHub. The CSS and JavaScript files are not combined or minified in any way. This area is a good way to quickly test jQuery mobile and see what it is. It is also the shortest URL and thus the easiest to type into mobile phones. The test area is located at:

The Latest files are similar to the Nightlies with the exception that it is the latest up-to-date build that can be linked to directly. This differs from the files in that the JS and CSS files can be linked in your project by using one of the links below as opposed to just viewing examples.

The Nightlies files are a “snapshot in time” of the code at the end of that particular date. They are mostly to test a particular feature and how it changed over time.  There are a couple of ways to use the Nightlies. The first is to download a prepackaged version that can be dropped into your own project. The Nightlies area contains the following files:

  • CSS combined files
  • CSS combined and minified files
  • JavaScript combined files (Only combines the mobile files, not jQuery core)
  • JavaScript combined and minified
  • Images for the default theme

The second way is to link to the files directly without downloading them. This is not for production sites, though. The Nightlies files should only be used for testing.

The Nightlies files are located at the following location where YYYYmmdd should be substituted with the date (for example: 20110416 is April 16 2011, which is also the date of the first nightly build):

  • – The full JavaScript file that makes debugging easier
  • – The full CSS file
  • – The minified JS file that can be linked directly to
  • – The minified CSS file that can be linked directly to
  • – The zipped up package of all the files necessary to deploy
  • – A log file that contains the git commit used for this date’s build (*Note: this file will no longer appear after June 2, 2011 as the information it contained is now in the JS file)
  • – The demo pages using this date’s build

You can also use the other locations provided on the Downloads page.

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