Development Update – Week of Sept. 19th

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The jQuery Mobile team is now focused on bug-fixing and preparation for our first release candidate (RC1) for 1.0. We’ll be releasing RC1 within a week, just in time for the jQuery conference in early October. From there, we’ll have a few quick RCs with additional bug fixes before releasing 1.0 a bit later in October.


Meego 1.2: Grade A Support

Nokia was kind enough to send us a N950 phone for testing recently. Not only is Meego a super slick OS and the 950 an impressive piece of hardware, we were thrilled to find that jQuery Mobile worked beautifully the first time we fired it up. This has to be one of the easiest platform additions we’ve had and it shows how our focus on web standards and feature detection is really paying off.

Let’s hope we need more Meego devices in the future, it’s a really nice platform.

Cleanup of deprecated features: Take note

In preparation for jQuery Mobile 1.0, we’re removed a number of deprecated features. Please note that if you are running on an alpha codebase, many of these will be breaking changes.

Deprecated re-named page events – the deprecated beforechangepage (now pagebeforechange), changepage (now pagechange), and changepagefailed (now pagechangefailed) events references have been dropped in preparation for the 1.0 release. See the events API documentation and commit log for more info.

Removed support for the alpha signature of $.mobile.changePage() in preparation for  1.0. Folks now how to use the signature that requires the toPage (url or element) as the first arg, and options object as the 2nd. See the events API documentation and commit log for more info.

Removed deprecated navigation related properties: $.mobile.updateHash$.mobile.urlstack. See commit log for details.

Removed the deprecated $.fixedToolbars property in preparation for 1.0. See commit log for details.

Removed $.mobile.pageLoading() call which was  replaced by $.mobile.showPageLoadingMsg()and $.mobile.hidePageLoadingMsg(). See commit log for details.

Notable commits

Updated jQuery Mobile to run on jQuery core 1.6.4 to keep up with the latest and greatest.

Enable touch overflow scrolling on by default where supported – The $.mobile.touchOverflowEnabled is now true by default meaning that iOS5 devices will benefit from the improved animated page transitions and true fixed headers by default.  

New widgetinit event for users to enhance widgets and markup post widgetcreate

Flip toggle switch with change event bound, triggers multiple times (issue 2315) – Modified refresh() so that it checks to see if the value actually changed before firing off the “change” event.

Native checkboxes and radio buttons partially visible under custom controls (issue #1336) – Fixed by tweaking styles to float native controls rather than being inline, to fix height and properly hide checkboxes/radios. Thanks Wilto!

Arrow on formatted listviews no longer clickable (issue 1392) – Positions .ui-icon on lower z-index than .ui-btn-text, ensuring the click will register on the latter. Thanks Wilto!

Fixed $.jqmData() behavior to match $.fn.jqmData()

Can’t link to dynamically created data-role=”page” (issue 1243) – Modified loadPage() so that if the data-url lookup for a given page fails, that it look for the page via id (if it is an embedded page URL). This allows us to find dynamically injected pages that are un-enhanced and missing their data-url attributes.

Can’t link to dynamically created data-role=”page” (issue 1243)- Modified loadPage() so that if the data-url lookup for a given page fails, that it look for the page via id (if it is an embedded page URL). This allows us to find dynamically injected pages that are un-enhanced and missing their data-url attributes.

Fix for change page flicking in landscape orientation on iPad (issue 2474) – On iOS, giving focus to the ui-page element causes flashing during page animations/transitions. This is due to the CSS outline property which is applied when the page is given focus. Turning outlines off for all pages prevents the flashing.

Resolved label vertical alignment inconsistency of form elements (issue 2192). On wider screens or landscape orientation, for text-inputs, radios, sliders and checkboxes the vertical-align is top, for flip-switches and select-lists the vertical-align is baseline in all swatches. Thanks MauriceG!

Adjusted timing of when the orientation and resize classes are added to the body because the original mobileinit timing was limiting the ability to dynamically append jQuery Mobile. Thanks @martynsmith!

Removed the top “glow” border on icon-only buttons in split button lists (issue 1900). The border-radius was too large for the button which caused it to render as a straight line and break out of the button, removing this cleans up the appearance. Thanks MauriceG!

Fix for dialogs not working if $.mobile.ajaxEnabled = false (issue 2451 and 2202) – Modified the default click handler to check if the href is for an embedded page before bailing when ajaxEnabled = false. This allows us to navigate to internal/embedded pages/dialogs on the click versus waiting for the accidental hashchange that was the result of the browser’s default handling of hash fragments.

jqmHasData cleanup for jQuery 1.7 (issue 2455)- Changed behavior of .jqmData() only when called with no argument. It now returns undefined.

Fix for URL handling and PlayBook Webworks app (issue 2050) – Modified the url parser regexp so that we can find the double slash that precedes the authority. This is necessary so we can reconstruct resource urls used on some devices like Rim’s Playbook that use urls like:location:/dir1/dir2/file.html. Also modified makeAbsoluteUrl() so that it uses the new doubleSlash property in the object returned from parseUrl() instead of assuming that it is ok to use a double slash.

Namespace support for header and footer button icons (issue 1361) – When a namespace is used, the buttons in the header and footer icons wouldn’t appear. Fixed by mixin individual properties to options instead of calling .jqmData()

Fix for right/middle click issue in Firefox (issue 2438) – In Firefox, right-clicking on a linked-element results in the normal click event being fired instead of allowing the context menu to be displayed.

Navigation from one page back to multi-page template (issue 2406) – We now make sure that our hashchange resolves non-path hashes against the documentBase. This prevents the resulting changePath() call from incorrectly resolving against the URL for the current active (external) page. Also fixed a related issue where when push-state is turned on, the hashchange event is not fired when doing a window.history.back() from an external URL to an embedded page.

Page removal code for listviews removes embedded pages (issue 2432) – Added a new data attribute tag for pages loaded via ajax to keep track of whether to remove pages in this situation.

Fixed select element theme support (issue 2423) – Fixed a regression where directly applying a data theme to a select element no longer themes the select element. It only gets its theme from the parent, regardless of what you tell it.

Select menu refresh() improvements – fix refresh bug for new options of the same number as before

Improved qualifications so that iOS5 gets the old-style fixed headers and footers when touchOverflow is disabled (which is the default).

We’ve been nominated: Packt Publishing’s Open Source Awards

We’re honored to be nominated for Packt Publishing’s Open Source Awards in the “Mobile Toolkits and Libraries” category. The Voting stage begins on 19th September 2011 and closes on 31st October 2011, with the winners announced throughout the week commencing 7th November 2011. Vote now for jQuery Mobile!

Bartender: iOS-inspired tab widget

Bartender is a new jQuery Mobile-compatible plugin created by Sven Franck that adds a iOS-like bottom tab bar to your page. Here’s how Sven describes bartender:

Since starting to work with Jquery Mobile I have been looking for a more “app-like” navigation bar. There are examples abound, but most can be used on webkit-browsers only. Since I did not find a real cross-browser solution, I made one myself. I call it the bartender plugin.


  • based on JQM elements
  • CSS-only, no Jquery needed
  • tested on IE7+, latest FF, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Android, iOS
  • retina icons on all browsers except IE7-8
  • single retina-regular or separate sprites
  • All CSS-gradients

Get the latest builds on the jQuery CDN

To take advantage of the daily improvements happening in jQuery Mobile, be sure to check out out the new daily and latest builds that are now available on the jQuery CDN for hotlinking. This allows you to upgrade to the latest code without waiting for the next official release. Here are the three files to include in the head of your page to always be viewing the latest in Git:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

If you just want to do a quick preview of our latest progress, visit to see a live demo of the docs synced every minute to the jQuery Mobile GitHub repo. This is helpful to check before filing an issue in the tracker to see if we’ve already fixed a bug you see in the last stable release. Please keep in mind that this the unstable, development version so we don’t recommend linking to the latest in a production site or app but it’s great for development and testing.

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