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The jQuery Mobile team is happy to announce 1.1.2. This is the second maintenance release for 1.1 and contains fixes throughout the library. Try it now!

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Change log


1.1 RC2 & 1.1 stable: Select buttons are not full or 60% width in header ui-bar (Issue #3983) – Fixes #3983 – Changed display inline-block rule to only be applied to buttons that are direct children of the header/footer.

Addresses issue #4540; an alternate approach to af46c6c40725f15b6d3502449df357815b39940d

Input submit lacks 100% width when placed in fieldcontain with .ui-hide-label on wider screens (Issue #4705) – Button: Submit buttons should be full width when label is hidden. Fixes #4705 – Input submit lacks 100% width when placed in fieldcontain with .ui-hide-label on wider screens.

Only set margin left/right for buttons that are immediate children. To avoid those margins override margins of buttons that are part of other widgets.

Controlgroup: Horizontal controlgroup shouldn’t have margins in header (Issue #4713) – Button: override default margin if controlgroups or form elements have class ui-btn-left/right. Fixes #4713 – Controlgroup: Horizontal controlgroup shouldn’t have margins in header.

Reverting changes of commit c71642b because it has downsides (select and checkbox/radio buttons don’t get margin because they are wrapped in a div)


Request: mini-Option in checkboxradio & textinput (Issue #4070) – Checkboxradio: Allow to set option mini programmatically. Fixes #4070.


Collapsible iconpos via mobileinit differs from documentation. (Issue #4899) – Fixes #4899 (cherry picked from commit 8756bd2d2b49c0ba4881e57d3c8282f3153a81c1)

Fixed corner styling of legends as heading in a collapsible set.

Made non-inset listviews exactly fit inside ui-collapsible-content.


Calling controlgroup constructor causes fieldset width to shrink (Issue #4716) – Controlgroup: Prevent the controls from being wrapped multiple times. Fixes #4716 – Calling controlgroup constructor causes fieldset width to shrink.

Horizontal alignment bug with jQuery mobile 1.1.1 (Issue #4765) – Controlgroup: keep the possibility to center the controls with vertical-align property. Fixes #4765 – Horizontal alignment bug with jQuery mobile 1.1.1

Vertical-align middle to prevent the small bottom margin that some browsers add because of display inline-block.


Close button in dialogs does not work on Android using phone gap and JQM 1.1.1 or 1.2.0 (Issue #4950) – bstract backward movement in history, Fixes #4950

Rewrote CSS (same styling, better construction). Also prevents additional margin-top, just when screen height is little.

The rules for dialog sections should only apply to immediate children. Additional fix for #4699: when using the Download Builder the CSS could be reordered which eliminates the override.

When hash listening is disabled and going to the previous page during close, correctly construct the URL for the previous page from the urlHistory entry and indicate that changePage is to go back in urlHistory rather than adding a new entry

Fixed Toolbars

iOS 6 fullscreen: page can be panned left and right (wider than the screen?) (Issue #5155) – Fixed toolbars: higher specifity for border left and right 0 rule. Fixes #5155

Merge pull request #5262 from arschmitz/issue-5261


Items filtered from listview missing a border (Issue #4614) – Listview: Added a class to set border-bottom on the last LI. This fixes missing border on filtered lists and on browsers that don’t support :last-child. Fixes #4614 – Items filtered from listview missing a border.

Changed variables to please the linter.

Code improvement and coding standards.

Correction in a function I added to make it actually work.

Fixes read-only list numbering on browsers that don’t support CSS pseudo classes. Classes are not applied yet so we can’t check with .is().

Improved border styling of listview inside collapsible content.

Improved rules for adjusted border styling of non-inset listviews inside collapsible content.

Listview option filter can’t be set programmatically (Issue #5245) – Listview: make it possible to set option filter programmatically. Fixes #5245.

Ordered list ignores “start” attribute (Issue #4613) – Listview: Added support for start attribute on numbered listviews. Fixes #4613 – Ordered list ignores "start" attribute.


Persistent navbar broken on scroll, Chrome for android (Issue #4663) – Navbar: Fixes #4663 – Persistent navbar broken on scroll, Chrome for android. Thanks @mmavko :+1:


Add check that active.url actually exists

Add tests for mobile path getLocation

Avoid string concat where possible

DirectHashChange: normalize comparison terms with decodeURIComponent()

Do not reset the base tag if, during loadPage we find that the page is already in the DOM, or that we have been prevented from continuing because the default for the "pagebeforeload" event has been prevented.

Fix firefox hash decode issue

Handle issue with Firefox auto decoding location.hash

Handle urls with parens properly

Inadvertent use of location.hash

Parse the hash to avoid decoding in FF, but use the location object elsewhere to avoid the inclusion of the auth

Re-instate $.mobile_registerInternalEvents – thanks asyraf9 — Fixes #4984, #5059 (Issue #4984, Issue #5059) – [navigation] Re-instate $.mobile_registerInternalEvents – thanks asyraf9 — Fixes #4984, #5059

Replace location.href references with a centralized method so we can address #4787

Strip authority to avoid exploits in parse regex

Path.makeUrlAbsolute: If no absUrl is given, use documentBase

XSS with location.href behavior of some browsers (Issue #4787) – make sure the username and password in the url are encoded Fixes #4787


Added padding 0 to the "reset" of the custom select menu header.

Custom select widget has a top-margin when displaying in a dialog (Issue #4699) – Selectmenu: Set margin 0 for the selectmenu header. Fixes #4699 – custom select widget have a top-margin when displaying in a dialog.

Mark as closed after dialog closes – Re: #5195 – Thanks martenbohlin

Refactor to addClass to avoid array alterations/joins

Select menu data-placeholder not working with jQM 1.1.1 (Issue #4696) – correct id for select test fixture, Fixes #4696

Selects zoom page when tapped in iOS6 (Issue #5041) – Addresses #5041. Event timing difference in iOS 6 was causing zoom to be disabled and immediately re-enabled prior to the zoom taking place.

Simplify button text method, handle persisting option class for multiple selects

The button’s text should preserve the original css class of the select and the selected option. This way you can customize it with i.e. images.

Prevent-focus-zoom doesn’t work 🙁 (Issue #5333) – Selectmenu: improved preventFocusZoom. Fixes #5333.

The preventFocusZoom option check needs to be insde the event binding.


Merge pull request #5049 from MauriceG/patch-5

Layout problem with toggle switch and radio control-group (Issue #4720) – Slider: Avoid regression by setting all margins of the slider handle. Fixes #4720 – Layout problem with toggle switch.

Partly fixes an issue on Safari/Mac where the input width is decreased when the browser implements the spinner.

Slider disabling doesn’t work in IE 9 and IE10 (Issue #4770) – Stop the call structure for slider updates earlier on disabled inputs Fixes #4770

Slider input alterations update the slider ui on blur (Issue #4756) – bind to vmouseup for refresh Fixes #4756


Merge pull request #5181 from jschulte/fix-5131

Merge pull request #5174 from jschulte/fix-5166

Merge pull request #5175 from jschulte/fix-5166

Request: mini-Option in checkboxradio & textinput (Issue #4070) – Textinput: Allow to set option mini programmatically. Fixes #4070.


Moving ui-page-pre class from fixedToolbar to transitions CSS. This class is added by transitions.js and not only if fixed toolbars are used.

Putting back the code back that was accidently removed by commit 8e570e3.


Remove preamble reference to the gpl

Remove the GPL license

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  1. Craig Geil on said:

    I don’t understand, you just released 1.3.0? Why add a maint release to an old version?

  2. How about because of a lack of backwards compatibility 1.3.x might not work for people who wrote their website with 1.1.x in mind.