Announcing jQuery Mobile 1.2.1

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The jQuery Mobile team is happy to announce 1.2.1. This is the first maintenance release for 1.2 and contains fixes throughout the library. Try it now!

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Change log


Iphone : Go button does not close the keyboard with Data filter
(Issue #3303) – Blur the search field on submit – (cherry picked from commit 336db34e031b0815c807554796519cd34d28c153)


IE9 , if custom SELECT button is on the right border of the window, it expand the select menu over the whole window width
(Issue #4577) – Button: width auto for div’s with class ui-btn-text to prevent custom selects breaking on IE.


Request: mini-Option in checkboxradio & textinput
(Issue #4070) – Checkboxradio: Allow to set option mini programmatically.


Collapsible iconpos via mobileinit differs from documentation.
(Issue #4899) (cherry picked from commit 8756bd2d2b49c0ba4881e57d3c8282f3153a81c1)


Fix from #5382 causes failure: Full page dialog does not receive rounded corners – remove the fix and the rounded corners come back
(Issue #5383) – Dialog: Adjusted the fix for #5382 for 1.2.x. Thanks @ShamimIslam !

Close button of full page dialog fails silently when popup exists on page (closed or open)
(Issue #5382) – Dialog: Append close button to first found header to prevent a close button being added to popup on same page as well.

Fixed Toolbars

Merge pull request #5292 from arschmitz/issue-3880

Fixed toolbars: higher specifity for border left and right 0 rule. Fixes #5155
(Issue #5155) – Fixed toolbars: higher specifity for border left and right 0 rule.


List autodividers: use trim() to avoid issues with newlines and spaces in markup. Thanks @demonslord !
(Issue #5197) – List autodividers: use trim() to avoid issues with newlines and spaces in markup. Thanks @demonslord !

Listview option filter can’t be set programmatically
(Issue #5245) – Listview: make it possible to set option filter programmatically.


Wrap functions bound to events in $.proxy at binding time, and pass then unwrapped at unbinding time


Add check that active.url actually exists


Add a check to not add ui-popover-container if it’s already on the page
(Issue #4661) – [select] Implement _destroy() – (cherry picked from commit 7273a5ea967ac8df12c9e12556e101f173ae2122)

Chrome popup stops launching if transition is “slideup”
(Issue #5094) – [popup] Re-introduce interruptible transitions

Merge pull request #5145 from jerone/master

Modify test that checks whether popup emits "popupafterclose" upon destroy() to first open the popup

"detached retina" fix – the window height on iStuff with a retina display seems to fluctuate by one pixel during scroll, causing a spurious resize event right after popup open, even though window size is constant during the entire opening sequence

Popup(“destroy”) never ends
(Issue #5244) – [popup] Avoid infinite recursion by detach()ing the payload from the container before attempting to put it back to its original place in the DOM (which may not exist, if the popup was created based on a detached element)

Popup disappears on iDevice with orientation change in standalone mode
(Issue #5153) – [popup] Initiate resize expectation during orientationchange

Popup Reappears after closing when textarea input field expanded on iOS 6
(Issue #5157) – [popup] Only rapid-open the popup if it is open

Popup remove firing popupafterclose
(Issue #5123) – [popup] When destroying a popup, run close() before un-enhancing if it is the currently active popup

Popup widget depends on selectmenu css
(Issue #5217) – Renamed class ui-selectmenu-hidden to ui-popup-hidden

Rename function _maybeRefreshTimeout to _expectResizeEvent

Return from the dialogHashKey state when the back link takes the form of a link to the page that opened the dialog.

Scroll to top when popup is closed on iOS
(Issue #5334) – Popup: Record scrollTop upon open and close, and restore it upon hashchange.

Unable to close popup in Android 2.3 if transition was used when opening it
(Issue #5189) – [popup] Correctly handle the case when the fallback transition is "none"

Select menu

Custom select menu header corner styling
(Issue #5215) – Select: headers of custom select menus shouldn’t inherit the popup corner styling.

Mark as closed after dialog closes – Re: #5195 – Thanks martenbohlin

Merge pull request #5262 from arschmitz/issue-5261

Select menu refresh() does not refresh popup title
(Issue #5275) – Custom select: Update placeholder during _buildList().

Prevent-focus-zoom doesn’t work
(Issue #5333) – Selectmenu: improved preventFocusZoom.

The preventFocusZoom option check needs to be insde the event binding.


Flip toggle switch broken on IE7
(Issue #5391) – Slider: unset slider handle top offset for flip toggle switch.


Merge pull request #5174 from jschulte/fix-5166

Merge pull request #5175 from jschulte/fix-5166

Merge pull request #5181 from jschulte/fix-5131

Request: mini-Option in checkboxradio & textinput
(Issue #4070) – Textinput: Allow to set option mini programmatically.

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