Announcing jQuery Mobile 1.3.2

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The jQuery Mobile team is happy to announce 1.3.2. This is the second maintenance release for 1.3 and contains fixes throughout the library. Try it now!

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CDN-Hosted JavaScript:

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<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>


ZIP File:
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Change log


Popup: Correctly pass position data through to popupbeforeposition handler.

Popup: Set visibility: hidden instead of display: none to remove the need for un-hiding before height calculation.

keyboard does not disappear when after the pop-up is closed (Issue #5974)
– Popup: Blur any focused elements inside container, including the container itself, upon closing. Fixes #5974 – keyboard does not disappear when after the pop-up is closed.

Popup Widget Events Passed as init Options are Immediately Executed (Issue #5958)
– Popup: Performance improvements. Fixes #5958. Found with git bisect.


Fix for placeholder text not being grayed out in IE10


buttonMarkup: Remove popup special handling.


Duplicated “display” property (Issue #5985)
– Table: Removed duplicate display property from CSS. Fixes #5985. Thanks @mish7 !

Custom selects

Custom selects with an id containing a period don’t open their popup (Issue #5893)
– Custom select: Escape weird characters in popup/dialog ID when they become hrefs. Fixes #5893.

Dynamic Select empty when opening second time. (Issue #5935)
– Custom select: Remove dialog upon _destroy. Fixes #5935 – Dynamic Select empty when opening second time.

Non native menus: dialog size select title should match the label when changed after the dialog markup is added to the DOM (Issue #5956)
– Dialog: Render un-closeable during pagebeforehide. Fixes #5956.


Fieldcontain fieldset legend overflows in IE10 (Issue #6139)
– Controlgroup: Make legend wrap on IE10. Fixes #6139.


incorrect overflow handling selectmenu[multiple] inside fieldset (Issue #6077)
– Core CSS: Unset browser default min-width for fieldset. Fixes #6077.


Panel: Opening from anchor tag within listview does not remove active button class (Issue #5961)
– Panel: Make sure active button class is removed when link to panel is a listview button. Fixes #5961.


Slider widget does not work on Opera Mobile 12.10 browser with JQM version 1.3.1 (Issue #5903)
– Slider: On Opera Mobile event.which is undefined. Accept that and get slidin'. Fixes #5903.


loadPage Cannot read property ‘prefetch’ of undefined (Issue #5877)
– Prefetch: Check for existance of options object before checking prefetch property Fixes #5877 – loadPage Cannot read property 'prefetch' of undefined and addresses execption from #5951

Navigating back is broken with autoInitializePage = false (Cannot call method ‘trigger’ of undefined) (Issue #5284)
– resolve the nav ready deferred after the page container has been created Fixes #5284


Popup button missing role attribute / aria-owns missing “-popup” postfix (Issue #6117)
– Links: ID refs without hashtag for aria-owns attribute of links to popups. Fixes #6117.

The “popup” data rel attribute should be mapped to the respective ARIA attributes (Issue #5898)
– Links: Append popup accessibility attributes. Fixes #5898.

links.js needs to depend on core, because it uses .jqmEnhanceable() and the :jqmData() pseudoselector defined in core.


Split button list: Buttons not showing in IE7 (1.3 regression) (Issue #6002)
– Theme: Use shorthand for background color fallback to make it work on IE7. Fixes #6002.

Demo center

Label didn't match example.

Added note to the PHP redirect demo that says it only works on a server.

Update example CSS for “Making the panel responsive” (Issue #5889)
– Demos: Updated comment above example CSS for clarification. Fixes #5889.

Bug in documentation example “Making the panel responsive” (Issue #5936)
– Demos: Updated responsive panels CSS example. Fixes #5936.

Popup: Removed weird (and almost certainly accidental) popup-inside-popup embedding.


Popup integration tests: Add test to make sure popup elements do not have focus after the popup is closed. Tests #5974.

Custom select integration tests: Ensure dialog is removed after destroying dialog-sized select menu.

16 thoughts on “Announcing jQuery Mobile 1.3.2

    • Jasper de Groot on said:

      The reason it says 1.9.1 is that 1.3 hasn’t been tested extensively against jQuery core 1.10.

      I updated the download page. Thanks for the pointer!

    • christianoliff ☺ on said:

      Good question! My own jQuery Mobile webapp doesn’t work with jQuery 2, only 1.x. Strange that they haven’t added compatibility for jQuery 2.

      I suspect most users of jQuery Mobile don’t need support for IE8 so using jQuery 2.x with its faster performance and smaller file size would be useful.

    • Jasper de Groot on said:

      1.3.2 does not support jQuery 2.0. The reason is that jQuery wasn’t out yet when we released 1.3. We had to make changes in the jQuery Mobile framework to make it work with 2.0 and maintenance releases should only contain bug fixes. jQuery Mobile 1.4 will support jQuery 2.0.

  1. Ragavendran Ramesh on said:

    Cannot call not of undefined error occurs when updating jquery mobile fully from 1.2.1 to 1.3.2

  2. Muhammad Lal on said:

    thank you for sharing such nice info to us. i like it its very informative one keep sharing this type of information to keep in touch with the people.

  3. jyohere on said:

    When can we expect jquery mobile 1.4. And, whether the below issues will be addressed

    1. Swipe issue across devices.
    2. Flickering issue

  4. Freddy Morera on said:

    Thanks for the version,

    btw, I think there is an error with the zip files.

    In the it doesn’t hide the ui-loader div, but does.

    I hope you can fix it.